XR Life Science

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You collect the data. We create the content.

Transforming your images & Quantifying your data

Tell your science story in fully immersive 3D

Do you have a fabulous data set or image volume collected on a scanning microscope or medical imaging device (MRI)?

Do you need help to get the most out of the data?

Do you need to know size, volume or surface area?

Maybe a 3D print, complex animation or VR scene?

Maybe your data needs a ML trained Neural Network.

Call us, we’re here to help.

We can even re-energise your old forgotten data.

What we do

We transform your image-based 3D data to fit today’s digital landscape

Some examples are shown here on our Sketchfab page

3D Printing

Your image data (3D model) might need a lot of processing to fix the mesh and repair any defects prior to 3D printing.

Measure & Model in 3D

Your 3D data can be quantified (volume & surface area) and probably needs to go through a mesh reduction and retopology process to make it compatible with animation and game engine software.

Photorealistic Renders

Your data model will look so much better with the right lighting and textures added. Give your data the ‘photoshoot’ it deserves.

Complex Animations

Imagine Pixar or Disney offered to animate your science story!  
Ok, we’re not Disney, but we use the same techniques and software, and you don’t need a Hollywood sized budget. 

Virtual Reality Scenes

Metaverse, Omniverse, Viveverse?  It’s confusing.  Let us create YOUR VR/AR scene that will be compatible with any ‘Verse or digital landscape.

Fully immersive games

Gamification. It’s a thing!  Ever thought of turning your science into a digital game?  The public (young and old) will love it.

Machine Learning available
on high-end desktop PC
and HPC. 

Remote access to 40 node HPC & local RTX 4090, 64Gb Ram high-spec Intel i9 PC.

The service has 2 Alienware laptops and 2 desktop workstations.  Oculus, VIVE & Windows (Samsung)  VR headsets. All PCs run, ImageJ, Fiji, Ilastik, Maya, Slicer3D, Blender, Nanome (molecular viewer) and Meshlab.  UNITY is used for game and VR development.  Flashforge 3D printer.

Image analysis training also available on request.

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